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Free 100 Exclusive Premium Wordpress Themes

"100 Exclusive Wordpress Themes"

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Free Script Auto surf 2010

Free Script Auto surf 2010

Package Features Members can be paid daily from their current upgrade Admin sets the minimum amount of credits to be earned and the daily percentage payout for each account type (for example 100 credits = 1 for free members and 90 credits = 2 for upgraded members!). This is an example only, you can set the rates of your own choice! Edit the price and maximum amount of upgrade units Includes paid to click area! Unlimited referral levels and new referral credit bonus levels for each account type! Members Area Adding/changing/deleting url's Assigning unused credits Changing status Changing e-mail address Viewing earnings history Viewing stats/history Referral bonuses and earnings on unlimited levels! Buying credits Upgrade member level Win credits surfing Win cash surfing! Email verification Resend activation email And more... Admin Control Panel Viewing site stats Viewing Credits Deficiency Viewing Cash Deficiency Changing admin username, password and e-mail address Setting bonus credits and upgrade units for new members Set minimum pages to surf before bonus credits awarded! Setting amount of credits and cash for contest Setting viewing time for members Suspend users Delete, add, disable or enable sites Sell advertising (credits, banner impressions etc..) and/or member levels Set timeframe users are classed as inactive Set new referral bonuses on unlimited levels! Set referral percentage earnings for credits and cash on unlimited levels! Set referring page bonus credits Set site limit per account type Upload referral banners Automatic FAQ page Admin mailer - emails to Free's, Pro's, Inactive members etc.. Mass payout members Viewing weekly site stats Cheat Finder Banner/Text Ad Rotator Paid to Click manager Banned sites Banned email addresses and domains Banned IP addresses And more.... Minimal Server Requirements: 1 MySQL Database PHP 4.0.6 or higher installed Ability to run cronjobs (not essential, admin will need to run manually once per day if an automatic cronjob/crontab cannot be set) Allowed to have PHP Register globals ON (a file is included with the package that does this for you) CHMOD rights (able to chmod folders to '777' via FTP or your file manager) Plenty of Bandwidth (5 - 10GB per month recommended to start) Some HTML knowledge! Top level domain or sub domain ( or

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ipscan 3.0 beta 4

"Angry IP scanner is a very fast IP scanner and port scanner"
EditByBSEditor: Angry IP scanner is a very Fast IP Scanner and port scanner. It can scan IP addresses in any range as well as any their ports. Its binary file size is very small compared to other IP or port scanners. Angry IP scanner
simply pings each IP address to check if it's alive, then optionally it is resolving its hostname, determines the MAC address, scans ports, etc. The amount of gathered data about each host can be extended with the available plugins.

It also has additional features
, like NetBIOS information (computer name, workgroup name, and currently logged in Windows user), favorite IP address ranges, customizable openers, etc.

Scanning results can be saved to CSV, TXT, HTML, XML or IP-Port list file, can be used as a command-line utility in a Batch file, etc. With help of plugins, Angry IP Scanner can gather any information about scanned IPs. Anybody who can write code is able to write plugins and extend functionality of Angry IP Scanner.

In order to increase scanning speed, it uses multithreaded approach: a separate Threads is created for each scanned IP address.

It is free and open-source software, so use it at your own risk.
you can free download Angry IP Scanner 3.0 beta 4 now.


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AVG Free Edition 9.0.698

AVG Free Edition 9.0.698 | 72.56MB
AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition is trusted antivirus and antispyware protection for Windows available to download for free. In addition, the new included LinkScanner® Active Surf-Shield checks web pages for threats at the only time that matters – when you're about to click that link.
AVG Anti-Virus Free has these following features:
* Award-winning antivirus and antispyware
* Real-time safe internet surfing and searching
* Quality proven by 80 million of users
* Easy to download, install and use
* Protection against viruses and spyware
* Compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP
AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition is only available for single computer use for home and non commercial use.

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How to Check Error in Your Flash Drive

We usually have never checked the condition of flash drive any error or not. If you performa of your flash drive is slower or often error when copying a file, you can check the condition of your flash with Check Flash software.

How to check flash drive using check flash software

Check flash software is portable tool and no instalation require and easy for use. This little app is located at

Now follow this steps to check your flas drive. (Warning: backup all data in your flash drive before do it)

  • Download and extract check flash (133Kb). Click ChkFlsh.exeto run this software.

  • Select the flash drive to be checked in the device section. Click start button to start checking your flash drive.

  • IF no error i your flasdrive will be shown this message

Pass #1 completed, 0 errors found. Test completed, total 0 errors found

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Nokia Themes Purple Butterfly

Animated purple butterfly on the water.


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Nokia Themes Two Animated Hearts

Two nice pink hearts. Love is great!


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Nokia Themes Raining on the Road

Night raining. Gold color theme with orange letters.


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Nokia Themes Sushi

Typical japanese food.


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Nokia Themes Cute Animals

A variety of different animals as a yellow fox, blue bear and a white rabbit. The background is a pink pig with sun glasses.


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Nokia Themes Sweeat Love

The icons are related with love. If you have recently falled in love, this is your theme. There is an animated heart with hands in the background.


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PC Tune Up

pc tune up 1 Get PC Tune Up Full Free GiveAway

PC Tune Up is ultimate solution for 'Slow Running Computer'. Are you frustrated every time you have to reboot your PC? These frustrating issues can be fixed with the click of a button. PC Tune-Up registry repair defrag software quickly and easily brings your slow running computer back to life by removing the items that can cause crashes, slow speeds, freezing, and impact the overall health of your computer. PC Tune-Up is a highly effective tool for improving your computer’s speed and reliability. PC Tune Up is worth USD 29.95. Get PC Tune Up registered version free. Lucky winner will be randomly selected and announced at 12 September 2010.

pc tune up 2 Get PC Tune Up Full Free GiveAway

pc tune up 3 Get PC Tune Up Full Free GiveAway

pc tune up 4 Get PC Tune Up Full Free GiveAway

pc tune up 5 Get PC Tune Up Full Free GiveAway

pc tune up 6 Get PC Tune Up Full Free GiveAway

PC Tune Up

  • Speeds up your PC

  • Scans for bad files and errors

  • Conserves valuable resources

  • Breath Life into Your Slow Computer

  • Advanced Defrag Software

  • Restoring Operating Speed to Your Slow Computer

  • Make a Quick Backup of Your System

  • Scan Your Slow Computer for Errors and Bad Files

  • Clears the Clutter to Increase Space on Your Hard Drive

Download PC Tune Up

Download PC Tune Up (4.02 MB)

Identity Protector with Password Manager

identity protector password manager license giveawayProtect Your Identity from Cybercriminals. Identity Protector with Password Manager is portable application that guards your online identity and protects you from identity theft. Hackers / criminals who spoof websites such as PayPal are experts at what they d and regardless of how careful you are, there are times when you are rushed, tired or distracted. Identity thieves bank on these lapses. And some of the phishing websites are identical to the genuine sites.

At a quick glance, it becomes impossible to tell the difference from spoofed sites and the genuine sites. Gone are the days of sloppy coding and spelling errors. Identity Protector with Password Manager protects you from phishing sites. Identity Protector with Password Manager will not release your personal data if the site is not legitimate and has been spoofed. Identity Protector with Password Manager is worth $29.95. We are giving it free to one lucky guest. The lucky guest will be announced at 12 September 2010.

password manager

password manager

Identity Protector with Password Manager operates with most programs and web browsers, including Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. With the security issues with browsers, it is simply too risky to allow a browser to hold your confidential password information. Phishing, spoofing and other identity theft methods are becoming much more sophisticated in separating you from your password information. Protect yourself. Keep your passwords safe with Identity Protector with Password Manager.

Download Identity Protector with Password Manager

Download Identity Protector with Password Manager (5.8MB)

Identity Protector with Password Manager's Homepage

Sega Saturn Emulator + Daemon Tools

A guest asked about Sega Saturn emulator and how to run ISO game at PC using Sega Saturn emulator. Another TechMynd's guest (sami) has created a little tutorial and recommend us. He used Daemon Tools with Sega Saturn emulator to play ISO game. Use Sega Saturn with Daemon Tools to play ISO games at PC. In the following example 'Satourne Sega Saturn Emulator' was used. SEGA_100.BIN (Bios) file is required for Sega Saturn to work. Daemon Tools was used to mount game ISO (Game image).

Video Demonstration - Play ISO games at PC

Download High Resolution Video Demonstration File (13.5 MB)

Sega Saturn Emulator + Daemon Tools - Usage

Steps involved are following:

Download Game ISO file. You will find rar or zip file for the game. When you will extract it, you will get ISO file and .CUE file in it.

Download 'Satourne Emulator'.

Download SEGA_100.BIN file.

Satourne Emulator home is here.

But I would recommend you to download altered version which includes SEGA_100.BIN file as well.

Download altered version of Satourne (ready to use - SEGA_100.BIN included) (2.93 MB).

Download Daemon Tools.

Install Daemon Tools and run it.

Mount game ISO with Daemon Tools.

Run Saturn emulator and provide it details, ISO path and BIOS path.

You will have to click at every icon of emulator and give it paths for ISO, path for Bios file and configure other drivers as described in video above.


Run the emulator and the game should be running.

If you prefer to download BIOS files separately then here these are.


Sega Saturn bios (Euro) (446 KB)

Sega Saturn bios (US) (448 KB)

Sega Saturn bios (JAP) (442 KB)

King of Fighters - Beast of Rage

king of fighters - beast of rage - kof hack

I did not know that hack versions of KOF exist. A guests Sumit Gogawat pointed me out and we are trying to get some hack versions of KOF. KOF Hack versions have unlocked characters with unlimited maximum powers or they are different from real KOF style or whatever. One hack version of KOF I have found and its beat-em-up side scroll KOF game and its different. KOF fans have got to check this out. We are posting some more hack versions of KOF. Download hack version of KOF, Beast of Rage.

king of fighters - beast of rage - kof hack

Beats of Rage (BOR) is a scrolling beat 'em up game originally developed by Senile Team. The original game play was in the style of the Streets of Rage series by SEGA using graphics from the King of Fighters series by SNK.

How to Play KOF - Beast of Rage

Extract files from archive

Run bor.exe

Press Enter couple of times

Use arrow key, Ctrl and Alt

Download King of Fighters - Beast of Rage

Download King of Fighters - Beast of Rage (53.3 MB)

Archive is locked. password is

Advanced SystemCare Free v3

advanced system care free download - fix PC - repair pc

Top System Utility for Your Superior PC Health Advanced SystemCare provides an always-on and automated, all-in-one PC care service with anti-spyware, privacy protection, performance tune-ups, and system cleaning functions.

Get the Advanced System Care PRO version worth $19.95 USD for free. Winner will be announced at 26 September 2010 Sunday.

Advanced SystemCare Free v3 scans more, repairs more, cleans more, and optimizes more for your computer than ever before. Advanced System Care Free has a one-click approach to helping protect, repair, clean, and optimize your PC. With over 20,000,000 downloads since 2006, this fantastic, award-winning, free program is a "must-have" tool for your computer, 100% safe and clean with no adware, spyware, or viruses.

advanced system care free, repair pc, fix pc errors

Advanced SystemCare PRO Features

  • Works continuously, automatically and quietly in the background on your PC.

  • It allows you to have fun and be more productive.

  • Defends Your PC Scans and removes spyware and adware using up-to-date definition files.

  • Prevents spyware, hackers and hijackers from installing malicious items on your computer.

  • Erases and updates your PC’s activity history.

  • Cleans Your Windows Boosts your system’s performance by deep scanning and cleaning out missing files, destroying unwanted files, deleting obsolete files, removing junk files, and eliminating corrupt registry entries.

  • Keeps Your PC Running at Peak Performance.

  • Fully optimizes Windows for ultimate system performance and top Internet speed by unleashing the built-in power of your system, based on how you use your PC and your network configuration.

  • Turns your PC into a business PC, a productive workstation, an entertainment center, a game machine, or a scientific computing PC.

  • Fixes Multiple System Errors Keeps your PC stable and running at peak efficiency.

  • Continuously repairs system configurations by eliminating system bottlenecks and preventing crashes.

  • FREE, Award-winning Customer Support for All Users 100% free 24x7 Technical Support and community support.

  • Gives your PC better speed and reliability

  • Powerful Hard Drive Defragmentation (10 times faster)

  • Next-generation Registry Clean and Optimization

  • Defends PC Security with Extra Protection

  • Quick and Extensive Clean-up for Hard Drives

  • Speeds Up PC Performance and Internet Access

  • Fixes Multiple System Errors

  • Extremely Easy to Use

  • Safe and Free

  • No spyware / adware

  • Improved Spyware Removal

  • Game Booster

  • Supported "Google Chrome" privacy sweep

Download Advanced System Care Pro

Download Advanced System Care (7.11 MB)

IObit Security 360 PRO

iobit security 360 pro with license

Security 360 PRO is an advanced malware & spyware removal utility that detects, removes the deepest infections, and protects your PC from various of potential spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, bots, worms, and hijackers. With the unique "Dual-Core" engine and the heuristic malware detection, Security 360 PRO detects the most complex and deepest spyware and malware in a very fast and efficient way.

Get full version of IObit Security 360 PRO worth $19.95 USD for free. Winner will be announced at 19 September 2010 Sunday.

IObit Security 360 PRO Features

  • Complete PC Security Care

  • Work with All Antivirus Products

  • 1-click Solution and Very Easy to Use

  • Very Fast and Light

  • Automated Working in the Background

  • Finds the Deepest Infections

  • Automatic and Frequent Updates

  • FREE, Award-winning Customer Support for All Users

Download IObit Security 360 PRO

Download IObit Security 360 PRO (9.5 MB)

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5 Powerful Rules for Writing Advertising That Sells !

As you begin to write your sales copy for your advertisement keep one thing in your mind…Everything you put into the must point out a specific benefit to your prospect.

Ask yourself as you write, “How will this help to get my prospect to act now?”

Always focus on the prospect, no matter what everyone else says or thinks. Tell them you’ve got a solution to their wants, needs desires, RIGHT NOW! The purpose is to get them to act.

1. Identify the prospect pain. (Research your target prospect to understand this)

2. Make them really feel it (they will do more to avoid pain than they will to gain pleasure…so really hit them between the eyes)

3. Let them know you can take it away right now. (Go into absolute detail here)

4. Let him know the pain will stay unless they act now. (Remind them of the pain they are currently feeling. Go into detail here as well)

5. Remove the risk of taking action for them. (make it so simple and risk free, they would feel silly not using your product or service)

Write your ad as though they are sitting beside you. You know their needs, wants and desires intimately because you have now done your research thoroughly.

Write the same way, as you would have a conversation. Use a friendly, matter of fact manner, (Don’t beat around the bush! This is serious)

Read it back to yourself out loud, putting yourself in their shoes.

Do you feel the pain? Can you truly empathise with him? Use short sharp spunky words. These will get more reaction from them.

Tell them exactly what you mean and what they need to do in a step-by-step way. Make it as simple as possible.

Take the risk out of it with a very strong guarantee. This will earn their trust for your product or service. They’ll feel like they got absolutely nothing to lose.

Make it as easy for them!

Make it interesting. If they get bored by what you have to say…so will lots of other prospects. Make the phone number, e-mail address, coupon, or whatever it is, easy to see and simple to use!

Make this information plain as day. Make them feel special, important and worthwhile.

You will win their loyalty.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Internet Download Manager 5.18 Full Version

Internet Download Manager 5.18 has a smart download logic accelerator that features intelligent dynamic file segmentation and safe multipart downloading technology to accelerate your downloads. Unlike other download accelerators and managers that segment files before downloading starts, Internet Download Manager segments downloaded files dynamically during download process. Internet Download Manager reuses available connections without additional connect and login stages to achieve better acceleration performance.

Internet Download Manager supports proxy servers, ftp and http protocols, firewalls, redirects, cookies, authorization, MP3 audio and MPEG video content processing. IDM integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, MSN Explorer, AOL, Opera, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Firebird, Avant Browser, MyIE2, and all other popular browsers to automatically handle your downloads. You can also drag and drop files, or use Internet Download Manager from command line. Internet Download Manager can dial your modem at the set time, download the files you want, then hang up or even shut down your computer when it’s done.

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ESET NOD32 v4.0.417

ESET NOD32 Antivirus and Smart Security v4.0.417 – All Editions BUSINESS & HOME EDITIONS x86 and x64 – Just Released – 2009/03/31

Eset Nod32 Home Edition 4.0.417-32bit
Eset Nod32 Home Edition 4.0.417-64bit
Eset Nod32 Business Edition 4.0.417-32bit
Eset Nod32 Business Edition 4.0.417-64bitt

Eset Smart Security Home Edition 4.0.417-32bit
Eset Smart Security Home Edition 4.0.417-64bit
Eset Smart Security Business Edition 4.0.417-32bit
Eset Smart Security Business Edition 4.0.417-64bit

ESET NOD32 Antivirus System – Integrated, Real-Time Protection against viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, adware, phishing, and hackers. Best detection, fastest performance & smallest footprint.
NOD32 Antivirus System provides well balanced, state-of-the-art protection against threats endangering your PC and enterprise systems running various platforms from Microsoft Windows, through a number of UNIX/Linux, Novell, MS DOS operating systems to Microsoft Exchange Server, Lotus Domino and other mail servers.

ESET solutions are built on ESET’s one-of-a-kind ThreatSense technology. This advanced heuristics engine enables proactive detection of malware not covered by even the most frequently updated signature-based products by decoding and analyzing executable code in real time, using an emulated environment. By allowing malware to execute in a secure virtual world, ESET is able to clearly differentiate between benign files and even the most sophisticated and cleverly-disguised malware.

Users of Microsoft® Windows® can experience the power and elegance of NOD32′s ThreatSense Technology with ease and comfort. Our single optimized engine offers the best protection from viruses, spyware, adware, phishing attacks, and more. Keep tomorrow’s threats at bay with our proactive detection technology.

If you are interested in computer security and would like to get a chance to influence the development of ESET’s security systems, we invite you to join our Early Access program. Gain early access to the latest technology in beta and release candidate stages.

Changes in NOD32 Antivirus 4.0.417:
* Fixed several issues in firewall module:
o Detection for Conficker added
o Fixed detection of TCP stream
o Fixed detection of binary rules in ipv6
o Fixed BSOD on Vista caused by entering mapped drives
o Removed potencial deadlock during Windows log on process
o Fixed detection for DNS cache poisoning attack
o Fixes and changes in ICMP filtering
o Fixed scanning of ARP
o Fixed issue with disconnecting of routers and data transfer cards from internet
* fixed: protocol filtering (correct displaying on list of certificates)
* fixed: Settings of scanning size (GB) within archive is displaying correctly

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Password :

Portable Adobe.Premiere.Pro.CS4 v4

Capture, edit, and deliver video online, on air, on disc, or on device! Make every phase of video production more efficient with Adobe* Premiere* Pro software, which includes Adobe OnLocation* and Adobe Encore*. Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 ships with Adobe OnLocation CS4 for direct-to-disk capture, as well as Adobe Encore CS4 for high-quality DVD and Blu-ray production. Edit files from the latest tapeless formats, including AVCHD, P2, XDCAM EX and HD, natively, without transcoding or rewrapping.

Find sections of content quickly during editing simply by skimming the text rather than scrubbing through video with Speech Search technology. Adobe* Premiere* Pro CS4software improves every major part of the video production process. Numerous editing enhancements, a new tapeless workflow, and innovative metadata features help make editing faster and more efficient. Background batch encoding speeds up delivery to new formats.

Real-time editing for HD, SD, and DV! Make every frame count with Adobe* Premiere* Pro software, the essential tool for professional video editing. Capture and edit virtually any format, from DV to uncompressed HD, and output to tape, DVD, and the web. Providing unparalleled integration with other Adobe applications,Adobe Premiere Pro sets new standards for efficient digital filmmaking.

Save time with tools that take you from on-set capture through to output, and edit virtually any format from DV to HD and beyond. Tight integration with Adobe After Effects and Photoshop software expands your creative options. Reach a wide audience by delivering your content to DVD, Blu-ray Disc, the web, and mobile devices. Available on Intel based Mac and Windows systems, Adobe Premiere Pro is your choice for inventive storytelling and enhanced productivity.

Adobe Premiere Pro, formerly known as Adobe Premiere, is a real-time, timeline based video editing software application. It is part of the Adobe Creative Suite, a suite of graphic design, video editing, and web development applications made by Adobe Systems. Premiere Pro has many h

Here are some key features of "Adobe Premiere Pro CS4":

End-to-end metadata workflow:
* Easily add metadata to clips both on set with Adobe OnLocation software and while editing using Adobe Premiere Pro, for greater project intelligence. Use speech recognition technology to create text-based metadata to help you organize your assets more efficiently. Pass the metadata through export for web publishing, enabling searchable video and helping to unlock new revenue streams.

Speech Search:
* Turn spoken dialogue into text-based, timecode-accurate, searchable metadata. Jump to a specific area of a shot by searching for keywords within the dialogue, and then use keywords to quickly locate and display what you're looking for * or even cut video based on the script

Batch encoding in the background:
* Save time with Adobe Media Encoder, a separate included software application that automates the process of creating multiple encoded versions of your source files and sequences. Manage priorities and control advanced settings for individual files.

Redesigned Adobe OnLocation CS4:
* Get critical monitoring information while you record directly to disk with Adobe OnLocation CS4, now cross-platform with a new Adobe-standard interface. Save time and take the tedium out of logging with shot lists and metadata-based project intelligence.

Editing efficiency:
* Take advantage of more than 50 of the most requested editing enhancements to make your workflow more efficient. Apply effects to multiple selections, get timecode information faster, speed work in the timeline with new keyboard shortcuts, and more

Tapeless camera support:
* Edit video natively in the latest tapeless formats, including RED, AVCHD, P2, XDCAM EX, and XDCAM HD, without transcoding or rewrapping. Browse your drives and removable media from insideAdobe Premiere Pro to find, log, and import footage.

Industry-leading Blu-ray Disc authoring:
* Maintain the pristine quality of your HD video all the way to distribution. Create high-definition Blu-ray discs with Encore CS4, working with the same interface used to create standard-definition DVDs and incorporating advanced Blu-ray features like pop-up menus and subtitles and dual-layer burning.

Faster, customizable SWF output:
* Create SWF file versions of your DVD and Blu-ray projects for the web, complete with DVD interactivity, menus, URL links, and customizable HTML templates, without opening another application. Export for streaming or progressive download, and reduce encode time by using optimized encode settings in Adobe Media Encoder.

Dynamic workflow with other Adobe tools:
* Achieve a high level of productivity from production to delivery with the tightly integrated toolset in Adobe Premiere Pro. Eliminate intermediate rendering when moving sequences into Adobe Encore software, and take advantage of new support for Adobe Photoshop files with video and blend modes.

Faster, customizable SWF output:
* Create SWF file versions of your DVD and Blu-ray projects for the web, complete with DVD interactivity, menus, URL links, and customizable HTMLtemplates, without opening another application. Export for streaming or progressive download, and reduce encode time by using optimized encode settings in Adobe Media Encoder.

Final Cut Pro project import:
* Take advantage of the benefits of the Adobe workflow to finish your Final Cut Pro project, moving content to Adobe After Effects* software, using Speech Search to create searchable video, and exporting through Encore to Blu-ray, DVD, and the web. Use Final Cut Pro XML interchange to transfer projects directly from Final Cut Pro toAdobe Premiere Pro without conversion or rerendering, preserving commonly used effects and transitions.

For Download Part 1 Here !!!

For Download Part 2 Here !!!

NETAC A840 USB CDMA Wireless Modem

NETAC USB CDMA Wireless Modem


- USB ver. 2.0 interface wireless Internet Access via CDMA network

- Support SMS, voice Calling, group message sending & forwarding

- Support phone book management


NETAC MOBILEWAVE USB CDMA Wireless Modem (Model: A840) adalah Modem Netac Wireless yang terakhir, dengan terpusat di teknologi USB, CDMA dan Flash Memori, serta dengan lima fungsi yaitu surfing Internet secara Wireless, menerima dan mengirimkan SMS (secara individu atau oleh kelompok), menerima/menelepon, Phonebook dan USB storage. Model A840 dengan teknologi USB plug and play; ukuran yang kecil dan berat yang ringan; mengarahkan pemanfaatan komunikasi cepat dan dilakukan dengan jaringan wireless serta kekuatan sinyal tinggi, dan lain sebagainya. Bandingkan dengan alat komunikasi tradisional, modem ini jauh lebih ringkas, lebih universal, aman dan mudah penggunaannya. Pemakai dapat mendownload software aplikasi cuma-cuma untuk meningkatkan mutu dari website NETAC. Netac juga menyediakan software API yang dapat digunakan oleh customers dalam aplikasi yang mereka gunakan.

Masukkan UIM card dengan data service ke dalam NETAC USB CDMA Wireless Modem A840, dan koneksikan ke komputer, anda akan merasakan manfaatnya menggunakan modem ini sebagai berikut :

Surfing Internet secara wireless: browsing website atau download files tanpa batas. Koneksi internet secara online dan real-time communication. Dengan NETAC A840 ini, maka sangat ideal sebagai “Mobile Office”.
Menerima dan Mengirimkan SMS: Memberitahukan kepada teman, atau pelanggan serta menerima dan mengirimkan SMS. Ini dapat membuat real-time penukaran informasi antar komputer dan mobile phone.
Pembuatan Voice Call: Panggilan Suara menyenangkan dan khusus melengkapi kebebasan untuk membuat dan menerima panggilan. ini membuat lebih mudah untuk berkomunikasi dengan para teman, keluarga, dan pelanggan.
Address Book: Mendukung address book yang support dalam UIM card dan pusat komputer. Adalah kelebihan yang diberikan untuk “Mobile Office” dan sharing data.

System Requirements:

- IBM PC or Notebook with USB port

- Windows 98/Me/2000/XP

- UHCI - Universal Host Controller Interface

- OHCI - Open Host Controller Interface


Items Description Computer IBM PC or compatible Desktop or Notebook with USB port Operation System Windows 98/Me/2000/XP Transferring speed 153.6Kbps USB Host Port USB 2.0/1.1/1.0 Power Supply USB (4.5V ~ 5.5V) Operation current 300mA (transferring data)120mA (idle)<40mA (resting) Operating Temperature* -30C ~ +60¡ãC Storage Temperature* -40¡ãC ~ +80¡ãC Relative Humidity under Operating* 10% ~ 90% Relative Humidity under Storage* 5% ~ 95% Dimensions (L ¡Á W ¡Á H) 68mm x 40mm x 19.5mm Weight 50g.

Support Connection :

Frekuensi 800Mhz

Dapat support ke 9 ISP untuk koneksi ke internet dengan perhitungan biaya :

Untuk Jakarta & Bandung, hanya bisa menggunakan Fren dari Mobile8.
Untuk kota-kota lainnya sudah dapat menggunakan FLEXI & Fren dari Mobile8 (Frekuensi 800Mhz)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nero 10 Multimedia Suite 10.0.13200 Full Version

Multimedia Suite 10 - ready multimedia
package 3 in 1 for video editing, burning and backup.
A single powerful package of Nero Multimedia Suite 10,
composed of three products - Nero Vision Xtra,
Burning ROM, Nero BackItUp & Burn
gives the user maximum multimedia capabilities.
It has advanced video editing, media organizer and player,
an excellent software for burning CDs,
reliable backup technology and special
tools to enhance music and video files and photos.

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Adobe Flash Player Final

Adobe Flash Player is the high-performance,
lightweight, highly expressive client runtime
that delivers powerful and consistent user
experiences across major operating systems,
browsers, mobile phones, and devices.
Adobe (formerly Macromedia)
Player - the universal rich client for
delivering effective Adobe Flash experiences
across desktops and devices. Lets you view
the best animation and entertainment on the Web.
It displays Web application front-ends,
high-impact Web site user interfaces,
interactive online advertising,
and short-form to long-form animation.

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Email Address Spider V5.75 Full Version

123 Bulk Email Direct Sender is a professional
high speed bulk email direct sender program.
It is an ideal for newsletters, targeted marketing,
and keeping in touch with clients.
Because this mailer sends out mails in
MX mode and works like a mail server,
you don't need unreliable blind relays anymore.
As a multi-threaded application,
123 Bulk Email Direct Sender's normal sending
speed can up to 50,000 e-mails per hour.
It also has a professional and simple user
interface so that everyone can set it up in few minutes.

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Nature Wallpapers

CSS Editor v9.0.0.89 Full Version

CSS Editor v9.0.0.89 Rapid CSS Editor – Cascading style sheet editor With Rapid CSS Editor you can quickly and easily create and edit c...