Friday, July 16, 2010

ACD Systems Canvas 11

A professional graphics package to work with vector graphics ACD Canvas 11 Build 2.1269 with GIS + - vector graphics editor.
On Canvas 11 professionals will be available and unlimited custom options and grid-scale maps, which will help meet any requirements in the field of engineering design, architectural or scientific research. You can also feel complete freedom to use tools for drawing curves and harmonic two-dimensional graphs of mathematical functions.
Graphical package ACD Systems Canvas 11 is available in three specialized editions: Professional - for printing and web-design, GIS Mapping to work with cartographic information, and Scientific Imaging for scientific research organizations.
Canvas Package combines all the features of other graphics programs, programs for creating illustrations and systems for preparing materials for publication. For professionals who work with technical illustrations and graphics, Canvas 11 provides fully integrated tools to help create, enhance and ensure the team work with images.
To optimize the process, enhance opportunities for collaboration between colleagues and customers and increase productivity.
Canvas 11 offers the following features:
• Import, view and save projects in more than 100 file formats
• Files that are created in specialized applications such as AutoCAD, and more general products such as Excel, and even applications like Mac Paint, can be imported, updated, expanded and published in the Canvas.
• Apply filters to images, text and vector objects
• Work with CGM files and study seismic data
• Using advanced visualization features
• Accurate analysis
• Work with the geo-related work environment to
• Improve your GIS-data
• Import DXF / DWG files with high precision
• Customizable interface
• And many more features

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