Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Office 2010

After a leak on the Internet, Microsoft finally announced it
will release a beta version of Office 2010 that will be
tested to the public, in November.
His name is also a beta version, Office 2010 is of
course just an experiment for the public,
because Microsoft will release Office 2010 beta with
a limited technology, until Office 2010 was released
in next year’s finals. Earlier, in September, the company
Bill Gates built has been first thrown Office Web
Apps for dipreview customers. In Office 2010 there
are some changes that will be carried, including
the latest version of SharePoint 2010. In addition
another change is the Ribbon display the model
consistently on all Office 2010 applications.
In the user interface, Ribbon will support
video, audio and Silverlight.

For Download Here !!!

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