Saturday, August 14, 2010

Photo Resizer

Finally, The PERFECT Solution To Re-Sizing Images!

Don't you hate it when someone emails you pictures and the image size is SO LARGE that your email client practically FREEZES UP when you try to view them!

With the all new Photo Re-Sizer software, you can easily re-size images and even specify the quality of that image. For instance, if you operate a website, you can lower image qualities so they will download faster. Don't take a chance on losing valuable customers because of slow loading graphics!

You can add images via drag and drop, by selecting "Add images" or by adding them from a folder. You can also select an image and calculate what the file size will be after resizing. There are pre-set options of size and quality or you can enter your own custom settings.

Screen shot :

SUPER BONUS: Order now and receive MASTER Resell Rights so you can sell Photo Resizer and keep 100% $$$ of the profits! You'll even get a copy of this sales page which you can easily customize!

In order to protect the integrity of this product, Photo Resizer CANNOT be packaged with other titles. It must be sold as a "Stand Alone" product for NO LESS THAN $5.

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